About Sun Spiral

Sun Spiral is an innovation consultancy. It's owned and operated by Ben Wood and Tracee Findlater and we also maintain links with a small, multi-disciplinary network of independent delivery partners. We operate from our base in Norfolk, but offer our innovation consultancy services anywhere in the UK and across the wider East Anglia, Midlands and South East region including Cambridge, London, Peterborough, Ipswich, Norwich, Leicester and Nottingham.

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Ben has 20+ years of experience in technical software product management and innovation management in the scientific research sector. His interests include high-performance teams, customer engagement, product and innovation management frameworks and go-to-market strategy.

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Tracee has 20+ years of experience in HR and L&D across the construction, finance, manufacturing and tertiary education sectors. Her interests include coaching, creativity and workplace culture.

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Between us, we bring commercial experience in product management, innovation management, people and team management, software development, marketing, customer engagement and finance.

Why Sal?

You may be wondering why our mascot is a salamander.

We chose Sal because salamanders are synonymous with resilience and rebirth due to their ability to tolerate fire, shed old skin and even regrow limbs.

Sal seemed the perfect embodiment of the tenacity required to make genuine progress - plus he’s adorable!