Sun Spiral is an innovation consultancy and training company with a focus on product development for geoscience based in King's Lynn, Norfolk.

We build products and help others to build products at the intersection of the environment, natural resources, the built environment and society - which is a fancy way of saying that we help anyone who is trying to make a difference to people and the planet.

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What Do We Mean By Innovation?

Innovation is a means of making things work better, whether that's creating a better product, a better service or a better environment. Our focus is outcome driven geo, environmental and social innovation.

Turning Ideas Into Impact

We specialize in practical innovation as a way to turn your ideas into sustainable impact. Identifying the biggest problems and opportunities in your industry, and bringing viable, innovative solutions to market as quickly as possible is the most direct route to impact and sustainability. We call this practical innovation.

We focus on helping people to deliver solutions that create outcomes for the 'triple bottom line' (economy, environment, society), working at the intersection of the environment, natural resources, the built environment and society.

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Practical Innovation

Our focus on practical innovation means that we can help you to develop ideas into strategies as quickly as possible, driven by a combination of market needs, sustainable outcomes, and the ambitions and values of your organization.

Whether you’re commercially oriented, or more invested in scientific or community outcomes, we can help you to get closer to your customers and stakeholders and deliver genuine shared value with a robust, repeatable innovation process.

Sun Spiral Innovation Consultancy.

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